The Caleta Hotel Gibraltar

From near disaster to a resilient service

  • Operating legacy technology, unsupported by the venders, with no upgrade path available.
  • Systems and infrastructure at a critical level with frequent failures.
  • Previous IT support company just firefighting and not confident in proposing change.
  • Completed a full audit of all systems and infrastructure together with observations and recommendations.
  • Advised on options available and assisted in the evaluation/selection of the right technology for the business.
  • Scoped and negotiated preferential pricing with chosen third party vendors i.e. Oracle.
  • Project Managed the implementation of the third party vendors solutions.
  • Designed and built replacement infrastructure from ground up, including new data centre for the group.
  • Providing 24/7 reactive support to issues and preventive support in monitoring, maintenance and upgrades.
  • Successfully managed the migration to new platform, with no service downtime during entire project.
  • Adoption of new technologies that work for the business and scalable for future growth.
  • Night and day improvement in performance and resilience.
  • Immediate returns from the investment in technology.