Specifix partner with many leading technology vendors. When it comes to cybersecurity there is a clear choice; Palo Alto Networks have been named the world’s leader by the Gartner Magic Quadrant® 2019 for Network Firewalls, for the 8th year running.

Specifix is Palo Alto’s accredited partner in Gibraltar, the best in securing your business, customers and compliance.

Offering Threat Prevention services that protect the network from advanced threats by identifying and scanning all traffic – applications, users, and content – across all ports and protocols.

Palo Alto’s range of Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) fits all size companies, making it an easy choice that is not prohibitive by cost when comparing with other vendors solutions.

Threat Prevention Services

Secure DNS - Disrupt attacks that use DNS

DNS Security service applies predictive analytics, machine learning, and automation to block attacks that use DNS. Tight integration with the next-generation firewall gives you automated protections and eliminates the need for independent tools. Rapidly predict and prevent malicious domains, neutralize threats hidden in DNS tunnelling, and apply automation to quickly find and contain infected devices.

URL Filtering - Safeguard your organization from web-based threats

Up to date automated protection, blocking access to malicious sites that deliver malware or steal credentials. Site risk ratings take the guesswork out of policy creation, enabling you to easily block or apply granular control to risky sites. Advanced capabilities, such as credential phishing protection, extend your firewall policy, minimizing attack exposure while keeping web security rules simple.

Threat Protection - Eliminate threats at every stage of an attack

Comprehensive exploit, malware, and command-and-control prevention for your environment, protecting your network against these threats by providing multiple layers of prevention, confronting threats at each phase of the attack. In addition to traditional intrusion-prevention capabilities, provide the unique ability to detect and block threats on any or all ports, instead of invoking signatures based on a limited set of predefined ports.

Wild Fire - Automatically prevent zero-day exploits and malware.

Traditional malware analysis and sandboxing techniques are not keeping pace with new exploits; WildFire goes beyond legacy technology to keep you a step ahead. Using shared community-sourced threat data and advanced analysis, WildFire globally shares protections across the network, endpoint and cloud. Gain peace of mind knowing WildFire automatically delivers new protections about every five minutes, preventing new cyberattacks.

Virtualized form of the next-generation firewall

Deployed in a range of private and public cloud computing environments based on technologies from VMware, Cisco, KVM, OpenStack, Nutanix, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Oracle Cloud and Alibaba Cloud.