Prisma Cloud

Combining security and compliance with continuous monitoring, with compliance reporting and advanced threat detection.

Dynamically discovers cloud resources and sensitive data across GCP™, AWS® and Azure® as well as detects risky configurations and identifies network threats, suspicious user behaviour, malware, data leakage and host vulnerabilities. It eliminates blind spots across cloud environments and provides continuous protection with a combination of the most complete collection of rule-based security policies and class-leading machine learning.

Prisma Access

Support your global connectivity requirements without having to set up and manage your own points of presence in data centres.

Built in the cloud for the cloud, Prisma Access provides coverage for your branch offices, retail locations and mobile users around the world through its connectivity layer.

Prisma Access supports all ports and protocols for branch-to-branch, branch-to-HQ and branch-to-user applications, making connectivity simple.

Prisma SaaS

Software as a Service is so easy and as a result the use of SaaS applications is exploding. Because of this simplicity, the security risks of SaaS are also on the rise.

Unsanctioned SaaS apps can expose sensitive data and propagate malware, and even sanctioned SaaS adoption can increase the risk of data exposure, breaches and noncompliance.

Prisma provides visibility and precise control of all applications, including SaaS as one of the many application categories supported through an extensive library of application signatures.